A diverse and inclusive workplace.

At Ontario Power Generation (OPG), we embrace diversity in its broadest sense – making it an integral part of our business practice. This means providing opportunities for all employees to broaden their horizons, expand their interests and increase their capabilities. It means providing policies and programs to help our employees take care of things at work, at home, and in the community. And it means being – and encouraging our employees to be – caring members of our community. We work hard to ensure our workplaces are inclusive and accessible to all employees, enabling them to perform their jobs well and achieve their full potential.

Indigenous Partnerships

At OPG, we are committed to building and growing long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships with Indigenous communities across Ontario. Through our partnerships, we have developed a number of projects to produce clean, renewable electricity while providing education, training, employment and contract opportunities to surrounding Indigenous communities. 


  • A female supervisor speaks consults another employee in a hallway.

    Women In Leadership

    At our stations and across the province, Ontario Power Generation relies on women to help lead the way with expertise and innovative ideas. OPG works to make leadership positions available to its female workforce.